Neck Pain and Chiropractic Treatments in Boca Raton

Find the solution to you back pain with Dr. Les Pachter.

“A pain in the neck”

“A pain in the neck” is a phrase used to describe something bothersome. That is exactly what neck pain is – an annoying discomfort that makes you think twice before moving your head or twisting your neck. Thankfully, you don’t have to go about life suffering with neck pain.

Chiropractic and neck pain specialist Dr. Leslie Pachter is prepared to help you find a cure for your “pain in the neck” the natural way, without using medication that could be harmful to your body or performing invasive surgery.

When you visit Dr. Pachter, the best Boca Raton Chiropractor, he will use his advanced chiropractic and neck pain training and the latest technology to check your neck for pinched nerves that may be causing not only neck discomfort, but headaches as well.

Using ultrasound, electric stimulation (e-stim), ice, heat and chiropractic treatment to physically move your spinal bones off of your pinched nerve, Dr. Pachter will help you with your pain, restore your range of motion and help you to strengthen the injured area.

Was Your Neck Injured in a Car Accident?

Boca  Raton Chiropractor Dr. Pachter also treats numerous patients who have been injured in a car accident and who are experiencing the effects of whiplash. While he takes care of your chiropractic and neck pain treatment, his experienced staff handles billing your car insurance company directly.

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