Herniated Disc Treatment in Boca Raton

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What is a Herniated Disc?

A herniated disc is one of the problems chiropractors deal with regularly. A herniated disc happens when an intervertebral disc breaks or tears. These discs are located between the vertebrae, so when they are damaged, they place pressure on the spinal nerve. As you might surmise, this has the potential to be incredibly painful.

The reasons why these discs get damaged varies from person to person. It’s most commonly due to old age, but it can also be a result of automobile accidents, excess weight, a job that puts too much stress on the spine, or even genetics.

Different Types of Herniated Discs

There are several different types of herniated discs. They are categorized based on which part of the back they are located in.

The two most common types of disc herniations are lumbar disc herniation and cervical disc herniation. They affect the lower back and neck, respectively.

Herniated Disc Symptoms

The most easily detectable symptom for a herniated disc is the pain, which is often described as having either a tingling or numb sensation. If you feel this sensation, you may very well have nerve damage. It is therefore imperative that you call your local chiropractor, Dr. Les Pachter.

Cervical herniated discs have an additional telltale sign. If you are feeling weak or numb in your neck — or even just generally in your upper body — there’s a chance you may be suffering with a cervical herniated disc.

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